Mindseeker’s Financial Services Team combines years of experience and proven methodologies with total transparency and ingenuity, so you can scale your business and drive success alongside a strategic partner you can trust.

At Mindseeker, we are a strategic partner to many of the world’s leading financial institutions who trust us to assess, implement, manage and measure their IT enabled business processes.  Our team is passionate about helping our clients understand, identify, and solve challenges that may adversely affect their business, including non-compliance, security risks and technology misalignment.


In today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, organizations must adapt and adapt quickly for optimization. Mindseeker is focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness by designing, implementing, and observing a comprehensive business transformation strategy to ensure your long-term goals are met.

Our team works closely with business executives and their teams to bridge strategy and execution to deliver on their most critical objectives. We leverage our experience delivering transformations and other strategic, large scale, high visibility programs at the world’s leading financial services and capital markets firms across the front, middle and back-office functions.

Our Team’s Specialties:

  • Engaging and influencing stakeholders, gathering information, and analyzing diverse perspectives
  • Sharing information appropriately across departmental lines and cross-functional teams
  • Performing customer advocacy and managing stakeholder relationships
  • Conducting status reporting and facilitating communications/meetings with leadership
  • Developing and implementing processes, tools, and strategies to resolve complex business problems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of PMO, program management, risk and issue management
  • Data collection, analysis, visualizations, and dashboard development
  • Budgeting, resource prioritization, and document repository maintenance


Problems that are not yet identified, or the “known unknowns”, present unique obstacles for financial services firms. Without the identification of issues or inefficiencies, it is impossible for firms to address and remediate them.

Mindseeker presents a unique solution to these “known unknowns” by offering a hybrid audit function consisting of a strategic analysis of the current state, the development of a target operating model, and the execution of remedial efforts.

Our Team’s Methodology:

  • Leverage input from key decision-makers within your organization, as well as your key customers
  • Translate conceptual questions into data-driven analyses
  • Transparent governance processes and procedures
  • Develop a clear current state outline and go-forward target model
  • Execute remedial efforts including transparency and performance management, disciplined communication and documentation, interim controls, and focused lean processes


During the five process groups of the project life cycle, there are multiple objectives and outcomes for each phase. After the project initiation and planning processes, the execution of the project begins. This execution & delivery phase is wherein lie multiple obstacles for project groups.

Mindseeker brings a specific set of behaviors and techniques to our clients in order to gain a competitive advantage in the execution and delivery of projects and programs. These behaviors and techniques have led to the success of projects and programs across both technical and non-technical landscapes within financial services institutions both domestically and globally.

Our Team’s Strategies:

  • Building buy-in through relationship management with specific business unit entities and stakeholders
  • Definition of specific and measurable objectives
  • Effective people-management though clear responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Continuously considering the project’s final outcomes through clearly defined goals and objectives
  • Monitoring progress and performance through accountability
  • Concise management of communications relevant to delivery
  • Following CI/CD for systems development and integration
  • Practicing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)


The importance of Cybersecurity within all organizations has seen a dramatic rise since the turn of the century, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. As all facets of life become more technologically reliant, cybersecurity breaches and attacks can cripple a company’s capabilities and expose sensitive and proprietary data. Simple firewalls and antivirus software as sole security measures have become obsolete. Mindseeker is focused on building and implementing cybersecurity teams and practices to defend and protect against the myriad of threats that continue to evolve.

Our team works closely with cybersecurity executives and key stakeholders and serves as a strategic staffing partner for short and long-term contract assignments. We provide resources with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Application Security
  • Identity/Access Management (IAM)
  • Infrastructure/Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Threat Intelligence/Vulnerability Management
  • IT Risk and Compliance
  • IT Audit and Controls
  • DevSecOps

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